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drillers. >> i think this company is going to do particularly well when some of the fossil fuel deniers in congress get voted out. >> you'll have a slippery ride on this one. >> that's it for forbes on fox. thanks for watching. have a great weekend. here's eric. >> cashing in. >> love it. >> buckle your seat belt. bill o'reilly is here. the king of cable is fired up about what's becoming a costly race debate in america. then bill and i go another round in our tussle over tesla. should the government ever give taxpayer money to private businesses. >> this is like two years ago. >> explosive new details about a possible white house cover up on benghazi. no wonder americans have lost trust in our government. and then. >> i have to admit i'm not the strapping young muslim socialist that i used to be. >> the white house
8:31 am
correspondence dinner turns 100 years old tonight. but we debate the question, is the media getting too chumy with the president and his staff. bill o'reilly answered a cashing in zone right now. >> hi, everyone. welcome to cashing in. our cashing in crew in a moment. but first, the king of cable, bill o'reilly going from his no spin zone to our cashing in hot seat. i spoke to him a short time ago. >> a couple of explosive stories in the last couple of weeks shining a light on race in america. this past week donald sterling. what are your thoughts on the state of race in america? >> i think america has done a fairly good job of trying to write historical wrongs. put trillions of dollars into programs to help minorities and a lot of those programs have been effective. if you're smart and you go and get educated, you can compete in
8:32 am
this country and in 60 years i think that is a goal. we should be very proud of that. >> but then you have the far extremes. you have the extremes on the right like bundy. you have the extremes on the left like al sharpton. did that represent where america is? does m come to the middle? >> you are raising two different guys. bundy is a 67-year-old rancher ill educated that thinks he's getting hosed by the federal government and he believes that. so he doesn't pay his grazing fees. all right. it's a form of protest. we have to honor protest. but if he loses a quarter of his land, it's only his fault. you have to obey the law. that's the law and every court says so. so that's one thing. sharpton quite another matter. he makes money exploiting the races. he wants race baiting. he wants there to be tension. i tried, as you know and
8:33 am
everybody else knows to give this guy a chance. he appeared on my program a number of times. but i'll tell you why, he doesn't want harmony. he doesn't want a strong america. he wants to divide us. >> time for msnbc to let him go? >> i don't run networks. i'm not going to comment on that. i'm just going to tell you that he is not a man who is looking out for this country. >> for the folks. >> hey, bill, a couple of weeks ago we had a discussion about tesla. we talked about the green energy loans president obama offered to tesla. they paid the money back but now we find out they decided to open plants in china. >> tesla has. >> right. >> i'm quoting, eric bolling is smarter than i am. >> out of context. >> here's my question. should we be outraged that tesla is moving jobs to china with our money.
8:34 am
>> they paid the money back so it's their money. i think it was a bad pr move. i have no emotion invested in tesla. i don't care who makes them. you can make them. but we have to get away from the fossil fuels because of geopolitics. i don't want putin to have power. i don't want opec to have power. i don't want the oil companies to have power. it's $4 a gallon now on long island. >> so bill. >> just listen to me for a minute. in a perfect world we wave the magic wand and all cars are electric. that's all i'm saying. let's work toward that. >> all for that but the problem with the tesla situation is we gave the power to president obama. he chose who was going to get the $500 million loan. >> and sure. it didn't work. i wanted to put solar panels in my house. i wanted to put them there. i can't put them there. >> too expensive? >> no, it's too much of a
8:35 am
hassle. 87,000 meetings. i get 18,000 solar panels if i wanted to. i'm lucky. i have money. but it's a hassel. i don't need it. i can barely put gas in my car. i want the technology to be developed and if the u.s. government can help that, give tax credits to get us away from fossil fuels i favor that. >> tax credits are different, though. >> i am all for tax credits. this was a loan. government money loan. >> but it was a good loan. government made money on the loan. >> they got lucky. >> maybe they got lucky but give them credit if the loan worked out. >> fair enough. >> all right. a couple of minutes left. bill, a couple of names i picked out of a hat. a picked ones that i couldn't immediately figure out if you were going to say pin head or patriot. do you want to play along? >> no i don't want to do this. >> bundy. >> i feel sorry for him so i'm going to put him into a -- i
8:36 am
think we should all say a prayer for him. i don't think he knows what he's doing. and you know a guy to reach that point in his life, is he a bad man? i don't hi so. i just feel sorry for the guy. >> so no pin head or patriot for bundy. david gregory. >> i don't know him much. i met him a few imes. he's a competitor. i don't particularly like his style. i think he is left wing and doesn't admit it. just admit it david. if he admitted it then i could go with it a little bit but all the stelth left wing stuff it's boring and his ratings are going down because it's boring. >> you know, he actually had tony blair on last week on his particular last week. >> yeah. >> he said is it tony blair and george bush's fault for islamic extremi extremism. >> enough with this. you can ask the question, mr. blair do you think it was a mistake in hindsight to invest
8:37 am
all of that money on trade in iraq and iraq is a mess? so was it a mistake and why did you make it? that's legitimate but to bring all of this oh it's not obama's fault it's their fault. >> but the way he framed the question. >> he's a pinhead. are you happy? >> yeah. colbert and john stewart. >> colbert is another guy like gregory who is just a left wing -- just admit it. just admit. so don't hide behind this i get everybody. he doesn't get everybody. stewart does. he'll go after you no matter where you are. both liberal guys. both play to their audience but a lot of right wingers do that too so i don't have a beef with that. but i don't like colbert kind of hiding, you know? so that's what i said. he has to be better than fallon and kimmel. i don't think he is better. i could be wrong and if he isn't better, he's not going to do
8:38 am
well. >> can we give him pinhead? >> not yet. let's see what he's got. >> really? >> i'm not going to give him a pinhead yet. i don't like the fact he won't admit what he is. >> i don't mind he makes lots of money off me. lots of people do. >> what's he going to do with the david letterman show? >> can he do it as steven colbert. he's from south carolina. >> yeah. give stewart a patriot hen? >> yeah. i have done a lot of stuff with stewart. he's fundamentally a good guy. >> last one, eric bolling? >> who? >> i'm not going to answer that. you're doing a nice job. you and your little friends on the fox. >> cashing in. >> yeah, cashing in, whatever show else you have on. every time i turn around you're on the air.
8:39 am
but i think the five i trained the producer that runs that show. >> that's right. >> she's doing a nice job. >> eric bolling is smart -- have you ever said -- >> no, i say that to pretty much everybody. they buy it. >> thank you very much. >> thanks for having me. >> cashin in man. >> love it. >> you can continue the conversation right now #cashin in. here's a couple. way to call out colbert on his weak alleged humor. why is it bad for oil companies to make 4% profit on a gallon of gas but it's okay for the government to tax the same government at 15%. and alabama fan 2 says i know i'm not the only one that talks at the tv while watching
8:40 am
cashinin. spot out. is the benghazi cover up a big reason why americans don't trust our government anymore? >> in the white house. ♪ [ girl ] my mom, she makes underwater fans that are powered by the moon. ♪ she can print amazing things, right from her computer. [ whirring ] [ train whistle blows ] she makes trains that are friends with trees. ♪ my mom works at ge. ♪
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[ male announcer ] 15 minutes for auote isn't how it works anymore. with esurance, 7 1/2 minutes could save you on car insurance. welcome to the modern world. esurance. backed by allstate. click or call. did you also change a tax to demonstrations in the talking points. >> maybe. i don't really remember. >> you don't remember? >> dude, this was like two years ago. >> dude, it's what everybody is talking about. >> wow, that was the former national security counsel spokesman brushing off the benghazi scandal. but if you ask me the white house was asleep at the wheel while four americans were being murdered and then it was deceitful in the aftermath. any surprise americans trust for the government is at record lows? >> no this is why people don't trust them. a new poll came out that shows that only 20% of young americans actually trust the government and it's not surprising. this administration is bleeding
8:44 am
credibility. the way they deal with negative information is down right insulting. they act as if it's no big deal that these are all phony scandals. we're all crazy. you have hilary clinton asking what difference does it make? it makes a big difference and the polls are reflecting that. >> for this guy to say, dude, that was like two years ago. are you kidding me? there's four families grieving and i guarantee two years later, 20 months later, they're still grieving. >> what does that have to do with whether or not he substituted one word for another. this is where people are critics trying to jump on something that doesn't exist. don't forget, trust in government was low when watergate happened. when we didn't find weapons of mass destruction. when clinton was lying about sex at the white house. come on. you're trying to make something out of nothing. >> i'm not trying to make something out of nothing. this is a president that said he was going to have the most transparent administration in the history of presidents and
8:45 am
there's nothing coming out. >> and we have an ambassador dead. >> ambassador dead. >> what does that have to do with the deaths of these good people? this is about public relations coming out of the white house. >> it's his attitude. it's as if he done care. as if we should all move on. >> come on. >> what do you think about the families. do you think they should just move on. >> this is about the likelihood that hilary clinton runs for presidents and republicans jumping on benghazi to get eight hilary clinton. >> juan brings up a good point. maybe this all does have to do with hilary running for president and maybe 20 months ago they anticipated that and they started covering up then. >> hilary, what difference does it make? there's an anti-americanism. the difference between clinton's lies and obama's lies is at least with clinton you got the picture that he cared about america. that he was pro-american and he cared about americans but the obama administration and i think michelle hit it is not just the lies but the ideas.
8:46 am
whether it's what difference does it make or dude that was two years ago or obama saying we're all in this together. the upshot is that you as an individual, your life doesn't mean anything. whether it's chris stevens, whether it's a wealthy person, their money isn't theirs. whether it's someone that wants to put gas in their car or drive an suv, it's all up to the public good. so how can you trust someone that doesn't value your own right in your own life. >> one more lie we heard and it was the washington post hah said it was the lie of 2013 you can keep your doctor if you want to. the most recent poll says that 80% of the people, upwards of 80% of the people polled believes that president obama is more than willing to lie at least sometimes to the american people. >> well, he's not just willing to lie. he does it deliberately. there's over 200 documented cases where he has lied, you can keep your plan if you like it. you can keep your doctor if you like it. those are the obvious lies. the unobvious ones where there's
8:47 am
a scandal involved like lois lerner and imagine that hilary clinton runs for president and gets asasassinated in the progress and somebody showed up a congressman and says what difference does it make anyway? the new york times would have that on the front page. >> they would have a field day. >> that makes it bad. >> nobody. i don't care if you're a republican or democrat didn't say it didn't make a difference. hilary clinton said what about the cause. people were going on was it a group or terrorists or a group of people attack. >> she said what difference does it make? she said what difference does it make anyway. that's what she said. >> and who has been held accountable. >> they're trying to go after the perpetrators. looking for real terrorists and not a political attack on her. >> we're going to leave it there and we have so much more to talk about. we ran out of time.
8:48 am
i would love to have more time with that one. paling around with the president and celebrities. the media gearing up for the white house correspondents dinner tonight but is this annual batch turning the watchdogs into lap dogs? >> i know cnn has taken some knocks lately but the fact is i admire their commitment to cover all sides of the story just in case one of them happens to be accurate.
8:49 am
coming up, the media mingling with the president and celebrities. tonight i'll be there but what i'm about to say isn't going to make me a lot of friends there. make me a lot of friends there. >> plus presidents t
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true business-grade internet comes make me a lot of friends there. >> plus presidents t with secure wifi for your business. it also comes with public wifi for your customers. not so with internet from the phone company. i would email the phone company to inquire as to why they have shortchanged these customers. but that would require wifi. switch to comcast business internet and get two wifi networks included. comcast business built for business. hello, everybody. the cdc confirms the first case
8:52 am
of the potentially deadly mers virus is now in the u.s. and in ukraine, conditions are going from bad to worse. the latest on that story at the top of the hour. house speaker john boehner announcing he will create a committee that will -- that killed four americans in bengha benghazi. and honoring service in celebration of recovery. former president president bush for his annual 100 k bike ride. mark siegel is riding along and we're going to check with him. all that and much more coming up at the transportatiop of the ho. hope you'll join us then. tonight will mark 100 years
8:53 am
for the association. it started off as a way for the press to get access to the president, but now, some say it's turning into a circus and the watchdogs getting too cozy with the administration. so, jonathan, should the media be smoozing with the white house? >> absolutely, dinner with the press, the president have dinner with the people. the press is the people. lasting and yucking it up. the problem isn't the press having dinner with the president. it's the press doing their job as the press. we can't do to washington and read that is all legislation and follow harry reid and nancy pelosi and all those rats around and ask the tough questions. that's what the press has to do, so we depend on them to act like the press. they still need to ask tough questions and to me, it only seems like brett and henry are the ones doing that. >> michelle, you think it's okay, this big celebrity dinner?
8:54 am
>> no, all it is is a bunch of self-obsesseded d.c. media elites laughing with the people they're supposed to be holding accountable. they're sipping champagne while the rest of the country is suffering under this economy and trying to get answers on this administration. >> you're a big time celebrity. you go to the -- -- i don't think this matters. one way or the other, it's a silly thing. what's wrong is that the press itself, i was quoted fairly wily saying probably they're constipated by their own ideology. this irs scandal, the associated press thing, benghazi, all of these things, you're not getting answers. >> hey, what's the problem? >> i'm going to be there tonight. am i going to be able to see you there, too? >> no, i'm visiting here in texas, but you know, the thing about this is you know what?
8:55 am
this is a nerd prom. all you guys are envious and jealous. this is really important for the american people picking up on something jonathan said because you were able to get some of these officials now in public. you're able to say i'm going to come over and talk to you. let's make a point to appear on fox news. let me just say, hats off to ed henry, brett, those guys are asking tough questions. >> we've invited jay carney on the show a bunch of times. the only time i spoke to him is at that dinner last year. >> thanks for joining us. coming up, 40 million reasons for taxpayers to ask questions about the president and vice president's vacation schedule.
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time for what we need to know. >> i like something called extra
8:59 am
storage space. it's a defensive play in a market i think is very bubbly right now. >> how about you, john? >> well, i'm looking at these emerging markets. very big in africa, but i'm also looking at turkey, so check out tkc. >> very good. commodities now. countries, very good, thank you, guys, very much. stay hot, fellas. thanks for joining us. before we go, i want you to think about this as more and more americans struggle to get by. the folks in the white house are living it up. the cost of the vacations taken by his family, the bidens have now surpassed 40 million bucks. now add money spent on hotels, cars, security and service service and the price is way higher. so far this year, two golf outings for the president that cost $2.9 million. that alone is amazing. it's no wonder america has a spending problem. who cares how much debt we're racking up as long as someone else is always paying for it? we, the taxpayers, are always
9:00 am
the ones on the hook for the tab. have a great weekend, everybody. two years after it first showed up in the middle east, the potentially fatal mers virus shows up in the u.s. they're confirms a case in indiana. just how big of a risk does this pose? deadly clashes in ukraine continue as fears grow that that nation is now on the brink of civil war. this was one ukraine official saying quote, we are not stopping as the country pushes its offenses in the east against prorussian militants and as the chaos spreads south, abducteded international military observers are now set free. we'll bring you the latest in a live

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